Launch metacity -- how by default??

Beartooth beartooth at
Sun Dec 5 20:44:33 UTC 2010

	I tried something or other on the PC with the weird problem, and 
it complained that it couldn't contact metacity, or else that metacity 
wasn't running. Sure enough, I opened the System Monitor, and metacity 
wasn't in the list of processes.

	Man metacity gives me very confusing advice, and fails entirely 
to say how to start metacity if no other window manager is running. (I 
never knowingly install any other, and remove compiz.)

	Simply commanding "metacity" at a root prompt fixed the problems, 
sure enough! But I had failed to put an ampersand after the command, and 
knew no other way to get my prompt back was ^C. That not only stopped 
metacity, but gave me other troubles enough to force me to log out and 
back in.

	So now the machine is running OK; but I know it fails to launch 
metacity on boot. Do I simply run Startup Applications and type it in? Or 
is there something to fix first? (I have no idea *why* it fails to 

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