Clock skew on FC13

Alex mysqlstudent at
Tue Dec 7 15:17:02 UTC 2010


> Have you checked the date? ntpd adjusts time by making the clock run
> faster or slower - so if your date is in the past, ntpd may be trying to
> catch up.
> try running "ntpq -p" -- that should show you how far you are from your
> ntp server

I should have mentioned that I did this as well. I used ntpdate to
sync the time, then ran ntpd. I don't think ntpq ever reported it had
connected to a peer. The clock skews too fast for it to be able to

> what length are you running? I've seen kernel-xen tick minutes as seconds.

Length? Xen is not involved here in any way. This is a simple install
of FC13 on x86_64.

Could this have something to do with power management?


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