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Toxico Nimbus ToxN at free.fr
Fri Dec 17 10:58:58 UTC 2010

Le 16/12/2010 18:02, Parshwa Murdia a écrit :
> hi,
> If one has to start from the scratch, from the zeroth level to do the
> programing, which programing language one should start with? In the
> ocean of the languages, to start with is really very typical. Can one
> justify it.

When learning to program, you must respect some steps.

First thing to learn is how to encode a logical process into a 
programming syntax (an algorithm). To do that easily, you'll have to 
pick a language with a human syntax and easy structure :
Choose Python, Basic, Pascal/Modula, LISP. With those keep away from 
complex features such as objects orientation and create simple programs 
that you can enrich.

Next thing to learn is the internal gear works of these high level 
languages, so pick a very low level one (plain C (not C99), assembler).

Now you're ready for more abstract things like object orientation (C++, 
Java), functional programming (caml, haskell).

And just two goo advices :
- Don't try to outsmart anything nor anyone
- Don't use something you couldn't create yourself
Toxico Nimbus

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