Banshee segfaults on Fedora 13/KDE 4.5.3

Steven P. Ulrick lists-fedora at
Tue Dec 21 02:43:20 UTC 2010

Hello Everyone,
I have seen this subject in many places on the internet in my attempt at solving 
my problem on my own...  But, no one offers any solutions that I found.

I want to use Banshee music player because it supports AmazonMP3 downloading.  
It runs perfectly on my system IF I log into Gnome...  If I attempt to run it 
under KDE 4.5.3 (soon to be 4.5.4) it crashes thusly:

None of the bugs listed here seem to have anything to do with my issue:

Also, the Gnome bugzilla does not seem to have anything relevant to my issue:

This message shows that Banshee is working for Rex Dieter on his Fedora 13 

The above link to the Redhat bugzilla makes me think that this person never 
followed Rex's advice to file a bug.  I can file a bug if no one can help me fix 
this problem.

Thanks in advance for your help,
Steven P. Ulrick

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