Bug triage resulting in no fixes

Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
Mon Jan 18 16:11:17 UTC 2010

Hi Bill,

Bill Davidsen wrote:
> I note that bugs are being marked as duplicates without regard to
> anything but age. This results in blocked bugs never getting fixed:
>   abrt reports a bug, like crashes in metacity
>   bug is reassigned to pulseaudio
>   PA asks for glibc version
>   bug is marked as NEEDINFO - and if the submitter doesn't respond there
> it dies
>   abrt reports a bug from another submitter
>   2nd report gets request for glibc version
>   2nd submitter provides same
>   triage comes along and marks 2nd bug DUP of 1st and closes
>   now both reports, and any subsequest reports are hung on the 1st
> Suggestion:
>   do not mark anything as a dup of a bug which is in NEEDINFO status
> Example: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=551055
>   blocked for almost three weeks, other reports being marked as dup of it

Are you subscribed the fedora test list?  If so, this would be a good
post for that list, as many of the triage folks read that.  If you're
not on that list, may I forward it there on your behalf?

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