[OpenLDAP] Rights access error

Luc MAIGNAN luc.maignan at winxpert.com
Tue Jan 26 18:27:46 UTC 2010


I've setup an openldap server on a F12 box. It seems to be fine, but 
only rootdn has te ability to update entries.
When a user tries to update an attribute he owns, he's got the error  50 
: insufficient rights access

My slapd.conf is configured as below :

access to *
         by self write
         by users read
         by anonymous auth

access to *
        by dn="uid=xxx,ou=Users,dc=xxx,dc=com" write
        by anonymous auth
        by self write
        by * none

What is the error ? Why an authenticated user cannot update its owns 
attributes ?

Thanks for any help


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