help, (Fedora 8 is no longer supported)

Kevin Martin kevintm at
Thu Jan 28 17:02:45 UTC 2010

n2xssvv.g02gfr12930 wrote:
> On 01/28/2010 08:24 AM, Prabhakar Pandey wrote:
>> i have recently installed fedora-8 together with windows vista.
>> i hav some problems in fedora .
>> 1. my time is not showing correctly in fedora as i try to change it the
>> time in vista is changed.
>> 2. Software Updater isn't working correctly . as i try to use it it
>> hangs and i am unbale to do anything .
>> 3. how do i install movie player and other media players in fedora .
>> 4. how can i configure yum in fedora -8.
>> thanks
>> Prabhakar Pandey
> Fedora 8 is no longer supported and hasn't been for some time, may I
> suggest you try Fedora 12, the current release. This version will
> contain many enhancements and bug fixes that are not in Fedora 8. All
> said though, I did find Fedora 8 to be a good stable release. Rest
> assured you will find a very limited number of updates now available for
> Fedora 8, and hence unless you choose to  implement bug fixes yourself,
> (I doubt that), you will never get them.
> I've managed to create a dual boot system of Windows and Fedora, with
> grub menu to select what you want to boot up, although this was some
> years ago now.
> JB
perhaps his system won't allow him to run anything later than FC8. 
Perhaps his system is running an Intel Video chipset that won't come up
with the stupid new Intel video drivers and Xorg (I know from experience
as I have a system that is in that *exact* state and no amount of google
searching has been able to offer a solution (and I'm talking hours and
days of searching)).

Essentially, my point being that answering that FC8 is no longer
supported doesn't address the problem.  Granted, the original subject
line was lacking but telling somebody to update to later Fedora versions
is not an answer that can be achieved in some cases.



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