stefan riemens fgfs.stefan at
Sun Jan 31 21:20:36 UTC 2010

I always use sshfs, which works great for me


2010/1/31, Terry Barnaby <terry1 at>:
> I routinely access my systems remotely using an OpenVPN connection over
> ADSL and use NFSv3 to access remote file systems. Although this works
> quite well there are two core issues I have:
> 1. NFS access does not seem to have any reasonable I/O scheduling ability
>     like the standard Disk I/O system (fair usage scheduler). This means
>     that a large file access or transfer will end up hogging the NFS
>     causing timeouts on other file system access to the remote system.
> 2. There does not appear to be any real ability for a local, large disk
>     cache of the remotes file system. For me this would be a great
> advantage.
> Does anyone know if any of the above are possible with NFS ?
> If not does anyone know of a "simple" network file system that would
> have the above features ?
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