udev problem under f12

François Patte francois.patte at mi.parisdescartes.fr
Sun Jan 31 21:28:28 UTC 2010

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Le 31/01/2010 20:00, Bill Davidsen a écrit :
> François Patte wrote:
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>> bonjour,
>> I had to fight with a non answered problem on this list. (See my posts
>> "Am I the only one" and "f12 /dev/dvd missing")
>> I found that some udev rules were not written and I don't know why: The
>> install came smoothly without any warning or error.
>> What was missing is file:
>> /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-cd.rules
>> I could create it running:
>> udevtest /sys/block/sr0
> What are the chances that you were advised to remove the rule to solve some 
> other problem? That has been associated with DVD burning issues by some people, 
> so someone might have suggested removing the rule.

I don't understand the logical thread:

why "something" (udev) creates /dev/[cdrom|dvd|cdrw|...] links pointing
to /dev/sr0? These links are created only for decoration, because as
soon as they might be used, when you insert a CD/DVD, they are
immediadetly erased....

why -- if what you say is true -- in the same distro, softs which are
using these links (xine based like xine, kaffeine,....) are still
available without any correction?

At least, the warning you can see when you try to use kaffeine, could
have been changed! This warning tells you, that some libraries are
missing! And you waste a lot of time searching what are the missing

why CD/DVD burning is working without any issues with these links up in
fedora 10, 11?

why....? (fill the dots)

>> My question now is: why this was not created during instaal/first boot?
>> Is it a bug? Is this coming from my hardware?
> I'm guessing not, no one else seems to be having the problem.

So, it is my hardware: dell latitude D531. Or something became wrong
during the install, but no warning was sent!

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