Printing problem on FC13

Alex mysqlstudent at
Thu Jul 1 03:11:36 UTC 2010


>> It hasn't worked since I installed FC13, but did work when I
>> previously had Ubuntu and an older FC installed on this computer.
>> How can I troubleshoot this?
> I'd say the first thing to try is to duplicate the settings you used
> in earlier Fedoras where the printer worked, especially by using the
> same printer driver, though other settings may also matter.

I wish it were that easy. I had Ubuntu installed on here last, and
just clicked to set it up, and never had a problem. It's been quite
some time since I had fedora on here, but even then I just clicked to
set it up, so I have no idea what the settings were.

It shouldn't be this hard. It's a simple Brother printer. Even the
ljet4 emulation has worked in the past.

This is one of the reasons I hate Linux on the desktop, still, after
like ten years of trying to use it on the desktop.


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