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Thu Jul 1 16:29:26 UTC 2010

JD wrote:
> On 06/22/2010 12:24 PM, jack craig was caught red-handed while writing::
>> Hi Folks,
>> I just loaded VLC on my netbook and was able to view my recent manta ray
>> night diving video.
>> However, given its normal power saving procedure, it dims the screen
>> shortly after the video starts.
>> Is there any prevailing wisdom how to handle this feature during a video
>> display?
>> I am assuming watching movies has the same issue...
>> tia, jackc...
> System -> Preferences -> Screensaver
> and take it from there.
> Note: You might have 2 screensaver entries in the drop down menu.
> On my F13, the first screensaver menu entry runs the
> xscreensaver-demo
> which I am unable to kill, even via sudo, even with signal 9.

On the low probability that you didn't check, are you sure you can't kill it? Or 
is the parent restarting it for you as soon as one dies. Did you happen to notes 
the PID? If there's really something which doesn't die with kill 9 I would call 
it a bug.

> I hope some fedoral developer sees this :)
> So, select the second screensaver entry and that will bring up a
> gui for you to set what to do when idle.
> You can uncheck the box and it will not blank the screen.

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