Linux Games for Kids

Bruno Wolff III bruno at
Thu Jul 1 16:30:47 UTC 2010

On Thu, Jul 01, 2010 at 11:05:06 -0400,
  Jim <mickeyboa at> wrote:
> Can anyone give me some advice for game for kids ages 4-8 ?
> I have to build up a computer for kids to use at. 4-8. What is on the 
> Fedora Repo's.

There are a lot of games, some of which work better than others. The ones
flagged for kids is a pretty short list, but many of the others may be of
interest to them.

I'd show them some games you like, that seem within their capabilites to
play (even if not well). If you want to look at an expanded list,
you might try looking at highly ranked games from
and try some that seem suitable and that are in Fedora. They don't seem
to have an age filter, so you'll need to judge that part.

If you want to install all of the games you can add
to your /etc/yum.conf file and then run
yum groupinstall 'Games and Entertainment'
Note that the games packages are a few gigs worth of data, which may take
a while to download.

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