nscd cacher problem

Jurek Bajor jurek.bajor at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 19:20:01 UTC 2010

> Is there a way to query nscd and ask it what's in it's cache?

have not used it, but quick lookup below may help ?

man nscd
> nscd --help
> nscd -g | --statistics
> nscd -d | --debug
> ls -al /var/db/nscd/

Trobleshooting Name Service Information

Each name service provides tool for acquiring information stored
within it. The problem is that it displays only information pertinent
to a particular name service without understanding of the influence of
/etc/nsswitch.conf on the real behavior of the system. To solve this
problem Selecting the correct  In Solaris the getent utility provides
a generic retrieval interface to search several name service databases
in the order in which they are specified in/etc/nsswitch.conf.

Usage of the getent utility instead of service specific utilities like
nslookup, dig, ypmatch, etc can reduce troubleshooting time when
isolating name service malfunctions.

man getent


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