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birger birger at
Fri Jul 2 05:08:28 UTC 2010

I have kids in that range myself, and these are the results of the jury:

Get a wheel and start with tuxkart. It seems to be the biggest hit for kids that age on my linux game pc (rather old pc with decent graphics card and hi-res 24" screen).

Then there is tuxracer/ppracer/whatever. Great game that keeps changing name.

Tuxpaint is one that will keep them quiet for long periods.

Tuxtyping has also been popular for limited periods. Run with single letters it helps them learn the keyboard layout so it could be worth the hassle for helping them into the game.

Xmoto is also one to try.

A browser with flash and a quick search for the simple dress-up and coloring games would make you popular.

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