Printing problem on FC13

fred smith fredex at
Fri Jul 2 13:15:56 UTC 2010

On Fri, Jul 02, 2010 at 01:04:26PM +0100, Tim Waugh wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-07-01 at 19:54 -0400, Alex wrote:
> > I've now tried pretty much all of them in various ways, and they all
> > print the same error message.
> OK.  Not that it ought to make any difference really, but have you tried
> any different backend for that printer?  Which backend are you currently
> using, and are there any others you can try?
> The 'BR-Script3' driver really ought to work -- that is the
> manufacturer's own PPD for their printer!

One (possibly) related data point:
I had NO trouble making my brother HL2070N at home work with F10, F11, or
F12. However on F13 I had to mess with it quite a lot. (NOTE that my
Brother printer is NOT one of those automatically set up by the new
features in system-config-printer, so it still required some manual setup.)

I've always configured it as an IPP printer: ipp://printer-ip-address/ipp
and it has worked out of the box with the "recommended" driver that
system-config-printer suggests.

however on F13 I couldn't make it work that way. the job would be put in
the queue and there it would sit. I'd find the printer disabled, re-enable
it and it would be disabled again. try the print troubleshooter and after
entering the root password twice and clicking a few times it would tell me
that the problem is because the printer was disabled. re-enable it and 
it just gets disabled AGAIN.

I tried using the same configuration with every driver listed by the
printer setup app and none of them worked.

however when I blew away the configuration (delete the printer) and
started from scratch and chose the foomatic/hl1250 driver (still using
IPP as described above) then it would work.

I wasted a lot of time on it, but even after trying to write down every
step so I could Bugzilla it, I didn't feel I had enough evidence to  point
to any culprit so I didn't.

But the bottom line is: on F13 it appears to be sensitive to the sequence
in which you try different print drivers, or perhaps some other bizarre
co-dependency between settings that makes it fail or not depending on how
you were holding  your tongue when you clicked OK. :)

To the OP: you may want to delete the printer configuration and start
afresh with the Brother PPD file and see if that gets you anywhere.

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