USB Printer Problem (still...)

Roger arelem at
Sat Jul 3 00:20:42 UTC 2010

> Is there any way to determine the correct URI for the printer on the usb port?  If so, I could manually configure the printer.
> The device manager does not give the URI for the thing, but it does see it as a Xerox 6130N printer.
> </snip>
Hi Herb
first -- sudo updatedb
next -- locate *.ppd

I don't know about F13 but the ppd files are probably in 
There should be a ppd file that you downloaded and installed with a name 
like PCL- printername-printer model.ppd
This should be the file that will drive your printer.

It seems that HP and Xerox printers only work with a PCL file.

If it's in a different folder, maybe it would be good to copy it across 
to this so cups finds it automatically... I had to put it in there as 
cups would not find it in other places.
Others would be able to advise on the pro's and cons of this part. To 
copy it across you will need to do it as sudo cp file/to/copy/name.ppd  
file/to put/here/
otherwise you will get access denied error.

In <system> <Admin><Printing>
--add a LPT #1 printer
The next dialog will show a number of selections. I find that this 
dialog does not show up in other selections, only LPT #1
At the top will be:
--Select printer from database
--Provide PPD file
--Search for a printer driver to download
Choose Provide PPD file and in the next dialog type 
/usr/share/cups/model or what ever the correct path was that you 
locate[d] earlier.
Follow the <Forward> prompts

2 or 3 dialogs later you will have one that allows you to enter the name 
and description of your printer as you wish it to display in the Printer 
choices dialogs when you want to print a document.
Alter only the Printer Name and Printer Description -- not the Location
Authenticate with your root password and the printer will show up in the 
Printer Configuration Dialog.

Next is the important part........
Double Click on the printer icon and a dialog will show the Description, 
Location and Device URI.
The Device URI should now show usb://Your/Printer/Connection/Details -- 
(I dont know what else to call the info in that field)
In the info below that field  Make and Model-- it should show your 
printer.,  on mine it shows "HP Color Laserjet Series PCL 6 CUPS"
But I have a Fuji Xerox C2100, this indicates my FXC2100 as having HP 
Laserjet internals.

In the remaining selections you may be able to change
Access Control and a number of other things.
I could not make any changes here as it wrecked the setup and I had to 
do the above all from the beginning and delete the original printer.
You can configure  as many printers as you like in different ways and 
choose the one that works best for you then delete the others.
Deleting is as simple as click on the printer icon and right click and 
choose Delete Printer from the drop down.

I hope this helps in some way

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