Can't start X on F12

Steve zephod at
Sat Jul 3 22:26:47 UTC 2010

I just upgraded from F11->F12 and after rebooting the display was scrambled and unusable. <Ctrl><Alt><F1> etc were unusable also - blank screen.

I booted into single user mode and found this error:

error setting MTRR (base=0xbd000000, size=0x00e00000, type=1) Inappropriate ioctl for device(25)

in a couple of the logs. I googled around and found that this problem has been reported before in bug #522258 (closed for insufficient data) and bug #564543 but I have not seen any answers.

I'm running kernel and I have an nVidia 8800GT graphics card. The xorg.conf shows me using a vesa driver.

Any suggestions?


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