changing default "movie player?"

Rikke D. Giles rgiles at
Sun Jul 4 04:19:28 UTC 2010

On 07/03/2010 09:00:36 PM, Suvayu Ali wrote:

> On Saturday 03 July 2010 08:21 PM, Carroll Grigsby wrote:
> > In xfce, right click on the file in whatever file manager, select
> > whatever player in the popup where you'll also get to make it the
> > preferred player of whatever file type. Or not.

> Since a picture is worth a thousand words here is something to add to 
> what Carroll said above.

Interesting.  I had to do this in gnome too. When I selected gnome 
mplayer under the 'open with' tab (under the permissions menu when you 
right click on the actual file) it finally set it for all the other 
files of that type.  

Is this a bug?  Or is the preferred applications menu only used for 
opening dvds and cd or something?


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