Battery ggauge on laptops

Rene Harder Olsen rehol3 at
Sun Jul 4 09:55:40 UTC 2010


I am running FC12 on an Asus eee pc. When I  am turning on pc I get a 
warning that the batery capacity is only 1,9 % and the battery may be 
defect, but I know for sure that the battery is ok and new.
I my opion it has to do with the fact that the batterry used with an eee 
pc only have a voltage of 7.4 volts, normally laptops batteries, a 
Medion has 11.1 and thinkpad has 10.8 volts.

So is there somewhere I can adjust the values for the battery gauge in 
Fc12 / FC13? I have tried to search for a conf file where I adjust the 
values without luck.

Hope that someone maybe can  help me, because it is frustrating to see 
this warning everytime I turn on the pc.
Sorry for my english, i am not living in a english spoken country.


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