Chromium can't override page fonts

Patrick O'Callaghan pocallaghan at
Sun Jul 4 12:39:53 UTC 2010

On Sun, 2010-07-04 at 17:43 +0930, Tim wrote:
> Tim:
> >> Can you apply a user style sheet?  Perhaps they've gone down that
> >> route, of using a style sheet to override site style.
> Patrick O'Callaghan:
> > Hmm, I've never tried that and am not sure how to go about it.
> See if there is any user.css file (or similarly named file), as a clue.
> Or run the program and see if it looks for one.  If you can determine
> that it does, where to put it, etc., a basic CSS file to force a certain
> fontstyle could be as simple as just this in the file:
> * {font-family: liberation-sans !important;}
> Suggests:
> "Enabled with the --enable-user-stylesheet flag which causes chrome to
> read <user-data-dir>/<profile>/User StyleSheet/Custom.css at startup and
> set it as the user style sheet."
> So it might be worth seeing if they've implemented it.

An empty Custom.css file exists, so I tried your one-liner but it
doesn't seem to work so far, even after restarting Chromium with
--enable-user-stylesheet. I also tried the Chrome Stylist extension
but that doesn't seem to do anything either.

Thanks all the same.


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