Can't start X on F12

Sam Sharpe lists.redhat at
Sun Jul 4 17:08:02 UTC 2010

On 4 July 2010 15:44, Steve <zephod at> wrote:
> ---- Doron Bar Zeev <doronbr770 at> wrote:
>> > I'm running kernel and I have an nVidia 8800GT
>> > graphics card. The xorg.conf shows me using a vesa driver.
>> >
>> >
>> try use nouveau instead of vesa
> Thanks for the suggestion but I have already tried that. When I replace vesa with nv in xorg.conf an error message appears in Xorg.0.log saying
> The PCI device has a kernel module claiming it.
> and X can't find a screen and stops.
> A strange thing that I noticed is that when I use the vesa driver, even when I boot into single user mode I get nouveau messages in /var/log/messages such as this:
> [drm] nouveau 0000:04:00.0 Detected an NV50 generation card (0x092888a2).
> What is an NV50 generation card? Could its driver be blocking the video driver?

Errr... nv != nouveau

Try replacing the word "vesa" with "nouveau" in your Xorg.conf, then
see what happens.


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