Connection activation failed: Device not managed by NetworkManager

Fedora User fedoradch at
Mon Jul 5 03:07:21 UTC 2010

On Sun, 04 Jul 2010 21:46:42 -0500
Larry Brower <larry at> wrote:

> Fedora User wrote:
> > I have this (WLAN) configured as managed by NM in network
> > configuration. Now what?
> > 
> The magic 8 ball says "Answer Hazy"


The whole frigging thing is hazy. And, I am no newbie - going back to
RH-7.2. Every friggin time I upgrade Fedora, something changes in
NetworkManager. Moreover, the relationship between NM and Network
Configuration is obscure at best. 

Now I am not getting the error message when I restart NM. And what the
frig is this? 

"<warn> connection(1) /org/freedesktop/NetworkManagerSettings/1 failed to activate: (2)
Device not managed by NetworkManager"

If that (/org/freedesktop...)is a path, it neither exists in the file
system nor proc.


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