Linux Games for Kids

birger birger at
Mon Jul 5 10:19:01 UTC 2010

One game (well, sort of) that I forgot.

scratch is a programming environment rather close to the one bundled
with lego robotics (guess where the software for the lego stuff
originated from).

I have had great fun designing simple games like pong or frogger from
scratch with my kids. We have designed simple bits first (logo-like
drawings of flowers) and then moved on to stuff moving about the screen.
Rewriting pong and frogger was actually rather simple, and even kids
understand the simple logics needed for those games.

Understanding the logic of the game also makes it great fun for them to
play it. It's 'their' game.

scratch runs on top of the squeak vm, and squeak-vm is available in your
standard repos. It's been a while since I installed it, so I don't quite
remember how I loaded scratch into my squeak. I should retry it on F13,
as I see the squeak-vm has changed quite a bit. At least the packaging.


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