Fedora 13 live-cd doesn't boot on HP 6930p

Bill Davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Mon Jul 5 18:04:08 UTC 2010

Brett wrote:
>> I've noticed that if I burn a Fedora (or any other distro) CD at full
>> speed, about 25% of the time I end up with a disk that won't boot. 
> I had a lot of trouble burning Fedora 13 DVD from a computer running Ubuntu, I tried a bunch of times using Brasero, K3B and other software, tried UNetBootin and usb-imagewriter, it would never work. Then I tried burning the disk from Windows 7 (on the same computer) and it worked first go. Maybe something on the Fedora 13 iso is not "liked" by other linux distros?
The problem with all of these tools is that they are not CD burners, they are 
user interfaces to the real tools. And they assume that what you want to burn is 
a *file* rather than an *image*, so they create an ISO9660 filesystem holding 
the file and burn that. Which doesn't work. If you care, try to mount the 
non-booting CD and see if it mounts as a filesystem with one big file in it.

You also might want to install the real cdrecord program, actively maintained by 
the original author. Works far better for me, but you have to compile yourself.

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