repeatable kernel freeze

Ahmed Abdalla abd4lla at
Mon Jul 5 19:04:07 UTC 2010

I've had exactly the same problem on my F13 machine. I never had that
problem before, but since I upgraded to F13 my machine just freezes when I
scp any big file. I've setuped a rescue kernel and configured kdump but the
machine just "freezes" and no rescue is there. My machine is fully updated
too. I've stumbled upon this but it seems it's
receiving very little attention. Advices are most welcome :)

I have had a problem with kernel freezes for several months. It started
> when I first moved to the 2.6.31 kernel on Fedora 12. At that time it
> was relatively infrequent. When the 2.6.32 kernel came out, the problem
> became very bad -- every night when cron.daily runs the kernel would
> hang. Note that I have tried in these instances to ping or ssh from
> another box -- this box is definitely hung. So I kept the 2.6.31 kernel
> around and only had to deal with it once every two weeks or so. It is my
> personal machine, so it was tolerable.
> Upon upgrade to Fedora 13 and the 2.6.33 kernel, the problem has become
> better in that I have not seen a hang during the nightly crons. However,
> now I can freeze the kernel on demand by copying a large file via ssh
> (scp or rsync). Perhaps relevant is that those cron nightly jobs include
> several rsyncs, however they are all local and do not use ssh.
> I have already made a bugzilla report, but have not heard a word on that.
> Given that I can now reproduce the problem more-or-less on demand, can
> someone tell me how to debug this? I have no experience with kernel
> debugging, but am reasonably good with gdb on user-space apps.
> Thanks,
> Joe
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