Bug in mailing lists; unfriendly to non-subscribers

Cameron Simpson cs at zip.com.au
Mon Jul 5 23:22:00 UTC 2010

On 05Jul2010 18:25, Felipe Contreras <felipe.contreras at gmail.com> wrote:
| > (2) Most posts provoke discussion. If the original poster is not
| > subscribed to the list, they will probably get dropped from the
| > discussion at some point, and not realize the full benefit of the
| > discussion. Also, it's likely that they will at some point respond
| > privately to a post in the discussion, leaving an incomplete record for
| > the subscribers and the list archives.
| No, they will not. When mailing lists don't munge the Reply-To header,
| everybody is forced to "reply to all", which means the Cc list is
| automatically kept.

Demonstably false. My mother routinely forgets reply-to-all and sends
directly to me when a wider audience is suitable. And this happens with
list email as well.

| Also, you seem to think that the mailing list settings prevent people
| from doing what they want. That's not the case, if I want to reply to
| you privately, I can do that regardless of the settings. Wanna see?

And the same for the reply-to. This works both ways.
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