USB not working in VirtualBox F13

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Tue Jul 6 18:47:46 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2010-07-06 at 07:28 -0700, Mick M. wrote:
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> > AFAIK, OSE doesn't support USB [1]
> > 
> > [1]
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> Thanks for the reply, however I am not using the OSE version.

Have a look here:

This should give you the information needed to get USB support working

Hint from this page:
On newer Linux hosts, VirtualBox accesses USB devices through special
files in the file system. When VirtualBox is installed, these are made
available to all users in the vboxusers system group. In order to be
able to access USB from guest systems, make sure that you are a member
of this group.




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