USB not working in VirtualBox F13 - SOLVED

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Tue Jul 6 21:44:34 UTC 2010

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> > This should give you the information needed to get USB
> support working
> > correctly.
> He already said he is a member of vboxusers.
> poc

I had read that page, and the help screens from within VBox.
They did not help.

The problem turned out to be a mouse.
I have a Kensington trackball USB mouse.
Vbox saw it, but it was greyed-out like the memory stick.

There was no vbox filter for it, so I added one.
When I fired up vbox it stole the mouse and locked it.
I ended up using a PS/2 to USB adapter and removing the vbox mouse filter.

All is now well.

Mick M

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