Making things easier for lurkers (was Re: Bug in mailing lists; unfriendly to non-subscribers)

Joel Rees joel.rees at
Wed Jul 7 07:31:25 UTC 2010

Tim <ignored_mailbox <at>> writes:

> On Wed, 2010-07-07 at 14:43 +0900, Joel Rees wrote:
> > I'm thinking it would be nice to have the html archives set up so  
> > that, if you've logged in (as you do to change your mail settings),  
> > you could click a link in the post and the list server would ship you
> > a copy of the post you're looking at, with all the addresses clipped,
> > and the original sender replaced with the list address, and the  
> > message-ID intact for threading.
> Sounds reasonable, and I recall some list servers already had the
> ability to send a particular message upon request (might have been
> majordomo, but it's years since I've used a service with that feature).
> However, have a look at  If you have a usenet client, you can
> already do this with them (albeit as news rather than mail).  They may
> even have a reply through their webpage interface, as well.  But I
> haven't looked for a while.
> You may be re-inventing the wheel.

Well, not quite. It's a lot of loops to jump through and uses a 3rd party
service. The gmane hierarchy seems a bit unnatural to me, as well. (It would
seem more reasonable to me to just invert the mailing list domain name, although
I suppose they may be maintaining the connection with the list's old name.)

I'm using gmane to post this, since I've switched for he moment to digest mode
and I haven't figured out how to set the message-ID header using either Apple
Mail or Sylpheed. It does look useful, just not for regular posting to the list.

Joel Rees

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