no sound on F11, F12 and now F13 but sound on Omega 12 live??? wtf??

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Wed Jul 7 14:08:04 UTC 2010

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On a different track, again to help the original poster.

In other messages on this thread, it sounded like the original poster
was using a driver, ens1370, which some people thought was suspect.

Is there a tool that can talk directly to the driver, bypassing Alsa,
OSS, Pulse Audio, everything, so one can see if the driver can generate
sound through the card?

We will probably need to know all the steps to use such a tool?

For example, wouldn't we need to stop certain services or applications
that might have exclusive use of the driver/device/card?


Another question, in regard to this ens1370 driver, are there any
/var/log/messages regarding this driver.


Another question, should the original poster try OSS?

- From the /var/log/messages in another message from the original poster,
"Jul  4 14:55:03 davehost pulseaudio[2120]: alsa-util.c:
snd_pcm_avail() returned a value that is exceptionally large:
18446744073709522368 bytes (418293516244 ms).
Jul  4 14:55:03 davehost pulseaudio[2120]: alsa-util.c: Most likely
this is a bug in the ALSA driver 'snd_ens1370'. Please report this
issue to the ALSA developers."

Is it possible OSS would use a different driver and have more success
with that driver?  Is the ens1370 driver an ALSA driver?


Another question regarding what is in the /var/log/messages please?
Are there many Pulse Audio messages just prior to this message that says
"value that is exceptionally large?"

I ask, because, I tried searching Bugzilla for similar bugs.
Some bug reports indicate sound continued to work, but there was
stuttering.  Others said sound stopped working after a few minutes.  One
said sound did not work.

Following said sound stopped working after a yum update:

Following said "log of alsa-util's messages about snd_hda_intel
malfunction" and "When I try to obtain Surround 4.0 sound instead of
classic Stereo sound from a soundcard capable of Surround 5.1 I see in
This bug report brings up a question about the Sound Blaster card,
(again I am showing my ignorance), does the Sound Blaster Card support
multiple variations in sound (Surround sound, classic stereo, etc)?
Do any of these other variations in sound work?

Finally, is the Pulse Audio server crashing?  I found the following bug
report, which said pulseaudio is crashing?

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