how to play media files on NAS

Mick M. off_by_1 at
Thu Jul 8 04:44:42 UTC 2010

  I have set up a small NAS with multimedia files on it.
I can read/write/delete fine.
However if I want to play a file I run into problems.

Kaffeine says:
Cannot find input plugin for MRL "".

Cannot find input plugin for MRL "smb://".

VLC will play the ftp://, but ...

Your input can't be opened:
VLC is unable to open the MRL 'smb://'.

This is the same for .mp3 files as well as .mp4.

Mplayer will play all media files using both ftp and smb.
I am used to kaffeine and VLC and would like to use them.

Any ideas?

Mick M.


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