F13 system-config-services crash

JB jurek.bajor at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 06:56:10 UTC 2010

I noticed in system-config-services graphical display two unneeded "services"
that were leftover from livecd installation, namely livesys and livesys-late.
They show up in system-config-services, but they should not; they could not be
stopped/disabled there as well.

Note: from now on I kept the system-config-services graphical display open.

I removed the "services" manually in a terminal
chkconfig --del livesys
chkconfig --del livesys-late
After that I removed their init scripts
rm /etc/init.d/livesys*
As a result, the package system-config-services-0.99.46-1.fc13 crashed.


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