The quietness of preupgrade

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Thu Jul 8 09:38:50 UTC 2010

Ed Greshko wrote:

>> I preupgraded from F-12 to F-13 today,
>> and it nearly all went well.
>> But I found the long periods when nothing seemed to be happening
>> off-putting, to put it mildly.
>> It spent 30-60 minutes "searching for storage" -
>> what is that about?
>> I assumed the program had hung, but I was watching the World Cup,
>> so didn't mind waiting,
>> and was amazed to find the program actually returned to life
>> just as the game ended.
> Maybe it was watching too?

Yes, it was a bit like Spanish football,
passing the ball from player to player ad infinitum.

>> It really would be helpful if developers could make sure
>> that some kind of message, even if it is just a row of dots,
>> comes up from time to time.
> I assume you will fill a RFE (Request for Enhancement)?  :-) :-)

I probably will;
but I'm surprised no-one has agreed with me (as the OP)
that the pauses in preupgrade are astonishingly long.
And there are several of them.
Eg after telling me each of the 1500 packages it was downloading,
it then went silent for something like 30 minutes
(on my Thinkpad T43).
I could tell from the irregularity of the disk reads
that it was hard at work.
I assume it was installing the packages?
Yum tells me when it is doing this, which I find re-assuring.

Maybe the Dutch will be a bit more direct ...

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