Server hangs

birger birger at
Thu Jul 8 11:05:45 UTC 2010

On Thu, 2010-07-08 at 15:22 +0530, Srinivasan wrote:

> We have installed Fedora Linux 8.0 on our server and we have a web
> based application running on DB MySql. The server hangs very
> frequently(atleast once a day). All operations come to stand still
> including the keyboard and mouse etc.. We need to hard boot the system
> again to make the server up and running.

First of all, Fedora is not a linux distro I would recommend for a
server unless you really, really need to run bleeding-edge software on
your server. Fedora releases often, with very short support for old

I would recommend as the place to find a server-oriented
distribution that is based on Fedora.

If you ever need to run a commercially supported linux on your server,
the step from CentOS to Red Hat Enterprise Server (RHEL) is very short.
They are mostly identical, apart from the need for a support license for

Combined with your claim that you run Fedora 8 I don't see the reason
for running Fedora at all. Fedora 8 is a long time obsoleted version.
There is no support for it anymore.

Either install CentOS 5.5 for a system with a long-term support and
excellent stability or Fedora 13 for the latest and greatest
bleeding-edge release with frequent updates.

If you still have the same problem (I would guess not), please come
back, telling wether you can still ping the server and/or log in to it
remotely with ssh (remember to enable the ssh service before it hangs).


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