Server hangs

Harish Pillay harish.pillay at
Thu Jul 8 14:16:15 UTC 2010

Srini -

> We have installed Fedora Linux 8.0 on our server and we have a web based
> application running on DB MySql. The server hangs very frequently(atleast
> once a day). All operations come to stand still including the keyboard and
> mouse etc.. We need to hard boot the system again to make the server up and
> running.
> Please help us to overcome this issue.

And the issue is? Details of the issue would be good.  But, as others have
pointed out, Fedora 8 EOLed early 2009. While you can certainly run Fedora
on servers (as I do myself), if you are looking for it to be run as a core
enterprise system, I would invest in a support subscription from a commercially
supported distribution like Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

While you are contemplating getting a Red Hat subscription, perhaps you
might want to do the following:
a) Check the machine's memory.  You might have RAM related issues.
b) Are you running out of disk space for the applications running?
c) What else other than MySql is the machine running?


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