Problem loading linux drivers for audio on motherboard

Alan Nicoll alannicoll at
Thu Jul 8 17:15:02 UTC 2010

I have determined my sound problem (no S/PDIF output) is due to not having
the right drivers loaded.  The file that comes with the
motherboard will not run; this code fails:

#Check if user have installed the kernel source
echo "Second, please make sure you have installed the kernel source."
if [ -L /lib/modules/$KERNEL_VER/source -a -L /lib/modules/$KERNEL_VER/build
  then echo "It's OK."
else echo "You haven't installed the kernel source." && exit 1

This fails because the links to 'source' and 'build' in
/lib/modules/ are broken:

     This link cannot be used, because its target
"../../../usr/src/kernels/" doesn't exist.

So now I'm a little lost as to what I need to do next.  My searches for info
have returned some instructions for how to build a 'hello world' smple
kernel module but I'm more interested in figuring out what module(s) are
missing and how to install them.

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