Problems when creating Live-boot usb stick

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Thu Jul 8 19:15:59 UTC 2010

On Thu, Jul 08, 2010 at 09:38:25PM +0900, Abu Attar Musharih wrote:
> Hi,
> I made a live bootable  Fedora-13 on Buffalo 8G  usb stick  using Linux command
> > dd if=Fedora-13-i686-Live.iso of=/dev/sdb1
> It was successful apart from no longer able to copy any file on  it.
> The live Fedora only occupied 700M while the media is 8G.
> I got the following message when trying to copy  a file on it, even if
> with the root privilege.
> >  cp mag01.doc /media/Fedora-13-i686-Live/
> cp: cannot create regular file `/media/Fedora-13-i686-Live/mag01.doc':
> Read-only file system
> I removed any existing partition using /sbin/fdisk and  reformatted
> with  command line
> /sbin/mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb
> What I have now   is a single partition with only 6.8 Gb free space.
> The question, how can I recover  the original volume amount, 8G. If
> this is related to the file systems (ext3), which one should I choose
> so the volume get back to the original.
> Thanks for any kind of response.
A few months ago I did an actual install onto a USB stick, rather than
one of the live CD on USB things. this allowed me to have the full size
of the usb stick as a "hard drive" and it could be run just like a "normal"
installation and updated just like one too.

I did it with the "install to hard disk" function of the LIVE CD, but I'd
expect an install from a cd/dvd (non-live) to work just as well.

I've never seen anyone suggest this method, so I don't know what the 
drawbacks are, all I know is it worked for what I needed.

The reason I did that:
one problem with the live-cd-on-usb-with-persistence method is that 
updates to the kernel, or new kernel modules--such as wireless drivers--
don't work, and I needed rt2860 drivers from RPMFusion, or else it 
wasn't any good to me at all.
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