Gnome Menu curosity question ?!?

JB jurek.bajor at
Thu Jul 8 19:18:27 UTC 2010

William Case <billlinux <at>> writes:

> > > ...
> Therein, of course, lies the problem.  I have reorganized so that System
> Tools contains all user system stuff that doesn't require root
> privileges.  And I have put all Administration programs that require
> root login/password in System => Administration.  At least that gives me
> a sense of which changes are dangerous.
> But the present set up is just hard to remember and makes no sense.
The next level of reorganization (inside Tools and Administration) may not
be practical according to root sign-in requirements.
I have in Tools two items that require root previleges 
  Fedora LiveUSB Creator
  SELinux Policy Generation Tool
Note that they are clearly "tools" (the second one named so explicitly).
If you move them to Administration, you break the distinction between
Tools and Administration.
Btw, almost all Administration items right now require root and so there is
no need to move them around.
I think we should stick with the top reorganization for now only to make it
acceptable to GNOME devs and users at large.

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