Paltalk on Fedora

Mike Chambers mike at
Thu Jul 8 23:15:19 UTC 2010

Has anyone gotten paltalk scene to install/work on fedora, and assuming
wine?  I must be an idiot cuz I got wine installed but it wouldn't
install the/any programs, as kept getting "couldnt' start/run start.exe"
or something along those lines.  

I used to use the paltalk express to get on, using flash 10.0.45 I think
but paltalk doesn't seem to recognize that version the last week or so.
And if I try to install flash 10.1 (on a 64 bit system) using
nspluginwrapper it eventually gets on, but the number pad on my keyboard
stopped working and few other things.  Just didn't seem like everything
worked doing it that way.

And no pidgin doesn't work with paltalk as have seen on the internet
while googling this problem.

Soo, any ideas?

Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

"Best lil town on Earth!"

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