Problem with tarring out a tar file

Cameron Simpson cs at
Fri Jul 9 01:49:49 UTC 2010

On 08Jul2010 17:39, JD <jd1008 at> wrote:
| The files themselves are only a few (2 to 8) megabytes each.
| So I do not believe it is the file size.
| Perhaps there are some unprintable characters in the file
| names or directory names that is preventing tar from creating
| such files or directories.

Shouldn't be - UNIX forbids only / and '\0' (NUL).

| At any rate - thanx to all who replied.
| I will leave it on the windows ntfs partition.

You could strace the unpack:

  strace -e trace=file tar xvf yourtarfile 2>strace.out

and then examine the open and mkdir calls in the "strace.out" file.
It will at least show you _exactly_ what tar is trying to do.
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