Thynderbird sounds -

Bob Goodwin bobgoodwin at
Fri Jul 9 09:40:55 UTC 2010

On 09/07/10 01:57, Tim wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-07-08 at 10:16 -0400, Bob Goodwin wrote:
>> I can tag Thunderbird received messages with color but what I
>> really need is to tag them with a sound. I would like to play a
>> unique sound as the output of an e-mail filter.
> You'll probably regret wanting that.
> Years ago, with another client that had filtering rules that let you do
> anything (run a program, etc.) when the rule was triggered.  It tried
> doing just what you want, just for giggles.

    Yes instead of tagging a message from a particular source, to be
    listed in red perhaps, I would like it to play one musical chord.

> As hundreds of mail came in from my mailing lists, it started ringing
> like a one-armed bandit machine jackpotting in a casino, slowing down
> mail processing at the same time, and kept on ding-a-linging long after
> all the mail had come through.
> You'd get the same thing with some IRC clients ringing their own bell
> like mad, while you logged in to some server that spewed out hundreds of
> lines of welcoming/warning text as you connected up.

    Tim, this is one of the rare cases where you are wrong or perhaps
    don't understand what Thunderbird does? As it is now I have it set
    to "Play a sound" when an e-mail arrives
    [/usr/share/sounds/purple/alert.wav]. The result is a musical chord
    that plays several times an hour as e-mail is collected. Over the
    past eighty years I've developed selective hearing and usually don't
    even hear it unless I am waiting for a response to a "text message"
    or some such that may require immediate action on my part.

    I receive hundreds of messages each day, those sounds only occur one
    time when a slug of messages is received and are not repeated
    endlessly until the user kills them. In fact I find them reassuring
    in that I know my internet connection is working, which in my case
    it is not always, due to our severe summer weather that can block
    the k-band radio signal path. There was a short outage yesterday
    with the "tropical depression" moving into South Texas, the far end
    of my satellite path.

    It seems to me there must be others who would like this feature and
    thought it might already exist. Apparently not.



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