The quietness of preupgrade

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Fri Jul 9 10:45:58 UTC 2010

Robert Myers wrote:

> What the OP asked for
> (demanded, really) is not possible even in theory.  Enormous amounts of
> time
> could be expended, and programs  *with* status indicators will still have
> long, inexplicable pauses if something unexpected happens.

As the OP, I didn't "demand" anything.
Also I didn't say the program hung, as you seem to think.
I said it _seemed_ to hang, ie there was no response for a long time.

Have you actually used preupgrade yourself?
If so, what was the length (approximately) of the longest pause
you experienced?

I don't think it takes an "enormous amount of time"
to tell the user what is happening.
Most programs do this.
In fact, one of the long pauses seemed to be
at the point where yum says "Updating <package abc>",
going through the packages it has downloaded, one by one.

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