no sound on F11, F12 and now F13 but sound on Omega 12 live??? wtf??

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Fri Jul 9 20:03:05 UTC 2010

Rick Sewill wrote:
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> On 07/06/2010 10:38 AM, Bill Davidsen wrote:
>> Rick Sewill wrote:
>>> On 07/05/2010 10:23 PM, Rick Sewill wrote:
>> .
>>> I am wondering if OSS is enabled on your system.
>>> Please look for things related to OSS in
>>> /etc/modprobe.conf (if it exists)
>>> and /etc/modprobe.d
>>> Please make sure the line in /etc/modprobe.d/dist-oss.conf is
>>> commented out.
>>> Please do, lsmod | grep snd
>>> Please make sure there is nothing like snd-pcm-oss or snd-seq-oss
>>> installed.
>> I think you have this totally backward. There are many applications which use 
>> the /dev/dsp* devices, and which will produce no sound unless they are present. 
>> In fact, I think the majority of older hardware does not have support for sound 
>> other than oss. As I look at my newest TV card it has stuff in /dev/dvb, while 
>> the other 4-5 cards which have been happily in use do not.
>> To test (as root):
>>    modprobe -v snd-pcm-oss
>>    {test applications for sound here}
>> A lot of people have functional old hardware they can't replace, for financial 
>> or technical reasons. That's why there is oss support, to support the hardware 
>> which needs it.
> This is something I didn't know.  As I said, audio still confuses me.
> Our goal should be to help the original poster.
> In this regard, this new information raises a number of questions.
> I am hoping someone will say there is a wiki or web page that answers
> these questions (and questions I didn't think of).
> The questions, I hope, which might be of use to the original poster are
> as follows:
> 1) for what hardware should one use OSS as opposed to Pulse Audio.
>    I did a quick internet search, but failed to find such a list.
>    I am hoping others can help.
>    This question is to help the original poster decide if they should
>    switch to OSS and see if it works.
Since the manual load is a one time test, the modules can be removed if they 
don't help, with rmmod or the handy reboot command, or any other means you like 
for reboot.

> 2) How does one tell if OSS is being used?
>    I assume, if I do lsmod | grep oss, I will see if the OSS modules
>    are being loaded.
Correct. Telling if it would be used if present is harder, I just load oss and 
see if things start to work.

> 3) How does one switch from Pulse Audio to OSS?
>    I assume one needs to edit files in /etc/modules.d/*.conf
>    or /etc/modules.conf.

I'm going out on a limb here, on systems where enabling oss helped there was no 
"switch" because AFAIK the oss modules don't impact the alsa and PA 
applications. I see notes that there might be an issue, I can just say that on 
three system I have using OSS for old apps, nothing has ever stopped working, so 
the term "switch" is probably not an issue in most cases.

>    Files to be edited might include dist-oss.conf and blacklist.conf
>    and others?  Am I right?
>    Are there other files one needs to edit?
>    Are there any rpms one needs to install?
>    Are there any rpms one needs to remove?
>    Are there any application configuration changes one needs to make?
>    I assume applications can be configured to use the OSS api, as well
>    as the ALSA api and/or Pulse Audio API.
> 4) How does one switch from OSS back to Pulse Audio?
>    Is the answer to this the inverse of the answer to question 3?
>    I.e., edit files /etc/modules.d/*.conf or /etc/modules.conf
>    Install certain rpms?
>    Remove certain rpms?
See above, to get OSS I uncomment the load in modprobe.d, I never touched 
anything else, and I have used OSS fairly heavily rather than change software.

> 5) is there a web page that describes the tools one uses when using OSS?
>    Are these the tools:
I have seen no indication that you need such things, or maybe it's because I 
load a bunch of mixers, advanced and stupid, and just try one after the other 
until I find the one with the right slider (there are usually three useful at most).

Unless you hit problems, regard this as a switch, turn it on and see if you need 
tools or techniques, or if it even helps. Don't oversolve the problem.

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