Converting DVD copy to AVI

Michael Miles mmamiga6 at
Fri Jul 9 22:03:59 UTC 2010

On 07/09/2010 02:46 PM, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> On Fri, 2010-07-09 at 12:22 -0700, Michael Miles wrote:
>>> I didn't know about that one but I'm trying it now. Looks quite
>> decent.
>>> I'll also try dvd::rip, which I should have thought of in the first
>>> place.
>>> Thanks to all for the advice.
>>> poc
>> I have tried DVD::Rip on a few occasions and it always gets stuck at
>> around 75% completed.
> I actually couldn't figure out how to get dvd::rip to read an on-disk
> structure, so I declare OGMrip the winner :-)
> poc
Just by reading the disk you will see your storage folders with DVD::Rip 
have a vob folder and a avi folder So when the disk is read the vob goes 
into the project vob folder and that is the disk to read from for the 

Anyway it has never actually completed,  will jam up at around 75% and 
when I stop the process and look in the folder that the data gets saved 
to is does complete as the full data is there.

Very weird.

OGMRip does work great but it takes forever.
I have a Phenom 2 965 @ 3.6 and so far from an iso image to avi has 
taken 3.5 hours and is still not completed.

I was reading about handbrake and apparently if I can change the codec 
from ffmpeg to another codec (not sure what one yet) it will handle avi 
files as output.

The reason I use it so often is it is fast and I output to H.264 mkv so 
it's perfect for me. Converting for standalone players is another matter 
I have got the knack for avidemux and it works fast as well.

I would like to see a one shoe fits all type of program like DVD FAB for 
a linux based machine.
DVD decrypter  works for linux but it is limited and is there just to 
break copy protection and gives you a dvd folder or iso image.

See if you have the same problem with DVD::Rip?

I will post if I find out how to get Handbrake to work with avi output 
as I think it's just about the fastest for conversion.


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