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Emilio Fernandes emiliosf at gmail.com
Sat Jul 10 16:32:06 UTC 2010

Ty for reply,

but i dont need the system /sbin/init
i need the source code of /sbin/init from initrd.img
if you unpack the initrd.img from Fedora 8 CD-ROM
you will find a binary called init, what is a sym link from /sbin/init
from initrd.img.

but i already find what i need
on fedora 8 anaconda installer create this init from your compilation,
and when you install anaconda on the CD he copy you initrd to
so now i can do what i want.

But ty all for reply!

2010/7/10 JD <jd1008 at gmail.com>

>   On 07/10/2010 06:43 AM, Emilio Fernandes wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > where can i get the source code of /sbin/initrd from fedora 11?
> >
> I am on F13, but the command should be the same in F11.
> On F13, there is not /sbin/initrd, but I will use /sbin/init as an example:
> $ rpm -q --whatprovides /sbin/init
> upstart-0.6.5-5.fc13.i686
> Now, if you want the source, go either to:
> http://mirrors.kernel.org/fedora/releases/11/Everything/source/SRPMS/
> or
> http://mirrors.kernel.org/fedora/updates/11/SRPMS/
> and you will find the name of the package there
> JD
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