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Kevin J. Cummings cummings at
Sat Jul 10 23:41:16 UTC 2010

On 07/10/2010 04:31 AM, Frank Murphy wrote:
> On 10/07/10 09:25, Rene Harder Olsen wrote:
>> This also applies to Thunderbird.
>> regards /René
> reply to list is quite visible in tb 3.1

And in Thunderbird 3.0.4....  In fact, I have 2 buttons with pull downs
next to them in each message header (and a bunch without any pull
downs):  REPLY and REPLY TO LIST.  The pull down for REPLY only has a
REPLY entry, but the pull down for REPLY TO LIST has:  REPLY, REPLY ALL,
and REPLY TO LIST as entries.  Seems kinda redundant to me.

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