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Sun Jul 11 02:13:34 UTC 2010

Bob Goodwin wrote:

>> using 'ls' then awk to extract size to a&env, do a compare to current
>> and play what ever to notify.

above should have been 'a $env', an 'env' string. that is, you would
use script to set 2 'env' strings, ie, '$old-size' and '$new-size'.
then in script, 'awk' would set value of '$new-size' and compare to
'$old-size'. if larger, play sound. at end, set '$old-size' to

it has been too long from last time using awk in scripts that it would
be better if someone else gave you an example. if none do, i will try,
then others can correct my errors.

> Not sure I understand the logic there. Folder gets bigger so it must
> contain new messages, I guess?

true. cron could be set to run at an interval equivalent to interval of
mail check.

> My problem is that I filter e-mail messages into at least ten
> different directories. One is for Verizon Text messages, 95% of
> those are from my daughter and son-in-law during the daytime and

if you use thunderbird to filter email from daughter and son, or who
ever else you wanted an alert for, to their own folder, you could run
cron ls/awk script on those folder files to check size increase.

or you can use a prefilter to watch 'from:' in emails and let it run
a script to play sound to notify.

i tend to be terse, so i hope i have not confused you more.


peace out.



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