current recipe for building new fedora kernel? and self-promotion.

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Sun Jul 11 12:38:01 UTC 2010

  (WARNING:  slightly self-serving post, but i figure i've built up at
least a touch of goodwill over the years.)

  first, for the sake of a course i'm writing, i'd like to refer to
what is the current, canonical recipe for configuring and building an
up-to-date kernel for fedora (ideally from the current git tree).  i
have a fairly stock recipe from about a year ago but if there's a
single page out there that is *the* fedora-approved way to do it, that
would be terrific, i'd just link to it.

  now, about the "course" (and here's the self-serving part), i think
i've already mentioned previously that i'm in the midst of writing and
publishing an online course in introductory linux kernel programming:

  the self-serving part is that it's not free.  while the first few
lessons are publicly available (and, admittedly, slanted towards
ubuntu but i already have plans to go back on the next pass and add in
RH/fedora alternatives for everything), if you decide you want to take
the entire online course, the cost is all of $39 (CAD).  that's not
$39 per lesson, that's for the ***entire course***.  and given that
several of those lessons are freely available to everyone, you can
certainly peruse them as much as you want at no risk before deciding.

  about half the lessons are now up, and here's what is probably the
final course outline:

  at this point, you can pretty much read the rest and decide whether
you're interested.  registered students get access to a course mailing
list where they can chat with other students and get help from each
other and, in a pinch, they can email me as well.

  ok, i think i've yammered on long enough.


p.s.  i'm well aware that there are people who are already pretty
darned good at kernel programming and don't represent a potential
(paying) student, but would still be interested in checking out the
course.  if you fall into that category, here's what i've done for a
few people already.

you can register for a user account at, then drop me a
note and i can just quietly reconfigure your account so that you can
read everything.  just make the case that it's in my best interests to
give you a free subscription, and i'll take it from there.  :-)

p.p.s.  i'm at ottawa linux symposium this week but probably not right
to the very end so if you want to hook and chat over a beer or
something, drop me a note.


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