problem playing vcd/dvd

JD jd1008 at
Sun Jul 11 15:05:51 UTC 2010

  On 07/11/2010 06:45 AM, anees a a wrote:
> not able to view or copy from original vcd and dvd of films
> following errors shown for default movie player
> could not read from resource
> no uri handler implemented for vcd
> and for vlc following error shown
> file reading failed
> pls suggest solutions
Need more details!!!
What are you using to copy????
What is your default movie player? Totem???

Also, try to run vlc or totem from the command line and pipe the output 
to a file then attach the file to yout reply:

totem 2>&1 | tee /tmp/totem.out &

Then browse with totem to open your cd or dvd player.

or if you want to use vlc, then do it in a similar way.

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