Install Fedora 13 from Hard Drive

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Sun Jul 11 20:14:31 UTC 2010

Henry Wyatt wrote:
> Need link or instructions on how to install from HDD.
> Currently have F13 86x64 but want to install 32 bit instead
You got two answers, both to other questions than what you asked. Please clarify 
where you have the ISO image and where you want to install. You can't install to 
the same filesystem where the ISO image resides, if that's what you're trying to 
do you can make a bootable USB stick or DVD, but that won't be installing from 
HDD. And since you already have x86_64 installed, you don't need new 
instructions, just do the same stuff you did for the 64bit install.

And if you're trying to do something totally different, please restate where you 
have the ISO image, where you want to have the install, and any other useful 
details about what you are really trying to do.

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